Appearance at the opening of "JoakimInterFest" in the theater "Joakim Vujic"

10/7/2017. Kragujevac

Performance at the Academy in Svilajnac

09/22/2017. In front of many officials, in a festive atmosphere, we performed at the anniversary of the Elementary School in Sedlar

Victory of our orchestra in Tivat (Montenegro) and performance in the Pine square

5/29/2017. Win on the Harmonika Fest competition and 30.5.2017. performance on the main square in Tivat

First prize at the Republic competition in Belgrade - Orchestra of the high school "dr Miloje Milojević"

03/25/2017. The High School Orchestra won in its category and won 98 points!

The performance of our orchestra at the ceremonial academy on the occasion of the "Saint Sava"

01/27/2017. The orchestra performed in short form in the Natural History Museum in Svilajnac

1st prize - "Golden Diploma" at the "Days of Harmonica" competition in Prague (Czech Republic)

11/5/2016. First prize in the 8th category

Winning Quintet of the Accordion Orchestra of Kragujevac in Bidgosce (Poland)

Part of our orchestra achieved victory at the International Music Impression Festival in Poland

Concert at Student square

21.06.2016. Concert on the occasion of World Music Day organized by SKC

Excellent performance at the festival "Euphony" in Novi Sad, Kragujevac Accordion Orchestra

In a packed hall of the City Hall in Novi Sad, our orchestra played a 50-minute concert.