Our history ...

Following a rapid development of Accordion Performance department of the Secondary Music School "dr Miloje Milojevic", whose students since early 1980' started achieving the highest awards on the local, national and international competitions, Accordion Orchestra of Kragujevac was founded in 1989 on the initiative of Accordion teacher and conductor prof. Vojin Vasonic, MPhil. Under his artistic leadership, the orchestra was established and have realized a number of tours in Serbia and abroad winning the 1st prize on international accordion contest (Pro Loco Camalo in Italy and The Trophy of Yugoslavia) in 1990. In the next few years, the orchestra performs in Kragujevac and other cities in Serbia on various occasions including the festival "Accordion Days " in Smederevo, Serbia. In 1993, due to instable political and economic in the country and the inability to travel it temporary frozen its work.

Restarting its activities in 1997, the artistic direction of the Orchestra was offered to prof. Predrag Kostovic, Accordion teacher and conductor. So already in 1998, the Orchestra performs several concerts in the German city of Neu Brandenburg. After successful appearances in Serbia, the Orchestra got twice the highest awards in Castelfidardo, Italy (1st and 2nd place),  in 2000 and 2001.

From 2009 Orchestra conductor became prof. Bojan Špica. During this period the Orchestra was enhanced by students of the Accordion department of the Faculty of Philology and Arts of the University of Belgrade (branch in Kragujevac),and violin, viola and accordeon teachers from Music School "dr Miloje Milojevic". Results are: 1st prize at National Music Contents in Belgrade (2013), 1st prize on International Accordeon Meetengs in Pula, Croatia (2014), 1st prize in Castelfidardo, Italy (2015), many concerts in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.